ICP Etch 1 (Panasonic E626I)

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ICP Etch 1 (Panasonic E626I)
Tool Type Dry Etch
Location Bay 2
Supervisor Lee Sawyer
Supervisor Phone (805) 893-2123
Supervisor E-Mail lee_sawyer@ucsb.edu
Description ICP Etching and Ashing Multi-Chamber Tool
Manufacturer Panasonic Factory Solutions, Japan
Dry Etch Recipes
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This is a three-chamber tool for etching of a variety of materials.

Chamber one "Etch Chamber" is configured as an ICP etching tool with 1000 W ICP power, 500 W RF substrate power, and RT - 80°C operation with back-side He cooling and an electrostatic chuck to maintain controlled surface temperatures during etching.

This chamber has the following dedicated gas sources: Cl2, BCl3, and O2

The chamber also has the following gas sources, where two of the lines must be manually switched between the two options shown (gasses can't be used simultaneously): N2/He, CHF3/Ar and CF4 /SF6

The system can be used to etch a variety of materials from SiO2 to metals to compound semiconductors. The chamber is evacuated with a 2000 lpm Osaka Vacuum magnetically levitated turbo pump, and is load-locked for fast pump down.

The in-situ laser monitor installed on the etch chamber allows for repeatable etches and endpoint detection via continuous optical monitoring of the wafer reflectivity in a user-determined location, through a porthole on the chamber.

Chamber two, "Ashing Chamber" is a 2000 W ICP chamber configures for plasma "ashing" of photoresist and other materials such as BCB. The substrate is not biased for isotropic etching, and the chamber has CF4 and O2 for the gases. This is especially well-suited for omni-directional etching of photoresist/PR removal, or BCB etch-back.

Chamber three "Rinse Chamber" is a DI rinsing chamber that is not used/offline.

The system accepts 6” wafers with SEMI-std. flats. Users often mount smaller pieces to the wafers, usually with easily removable oil to improve uniform heat-sinking.

In Automatic mode, multiple wafers can be run through automatically with the cassette-based system.

Detailed Specifications

  • 1000 W ICP source, 500 W RF Sample Bias Source in etching chamber
  • Multiple 6” diameter wafer capable system
  • Pieces possible by mounting to 6” wafer

Etch Chamber:

  • Optimal Emission Monitoring
  • Etch pressure from 0.1 Pa to 5 Pa (0.75 mT - 37.5 mT)
  • Cl2, BCl3, O2, (CHF3 or Ar), (CF4 or SF6), and (N2 or He) in etch chamber
  • Room Temp - 80°C sample temperature for etching. Default 12°C Chuck Temperature.
  • Laser Etch Monitoring: Intellemetrics LEP 500

Ashing Chamber:

  • 2000 W ICP ashing chamber
  • RT - 250°C sample temperature for ashing
  • Ashing pressures 50 mT - 500 mT
  • O2, N2, CF4, H2O Vapor for ashing chamber
  • Room Temp. to 270°C etching. Default 50°C.