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=[[ICP-Etch (Unaxis VLR)]]=
=[[ICP-Etch (Unaxis VLR)]]=
==GaAs-AlGaAs Etch (Unaxis VLR) ==
==GaAs-AlGaAs Etch (Unaxis VLR) ==
*[[media:15-GaAs_etch-Unaxis_ICP_etcher.pdf|GaAs Etch Recipe (30C)]]
*[[media:15-GaAs_etch-Unaxis_ICP_etcher.pdf|GaAs Etch Recipe (Cl<sub>2</sub>N<sub>2</sub> 30C)]]
*[[media:14-AlAs-GR-cal_etch-Unaxis_ICP_etcher.pdf|AlGaAs Etch Recipe (30C)]]
*[[media:14-AlAs-GR-cal_etch-Unaxis_ICP_etcher.pdf|AlGaAs Etch Recipe (Cl<sub>2</sub>N<sub>2</sub> 30C)]]
==InP-InGaAs-InAlAs Etch (Unaxis VLR)==
==InP-InGaAs-InAlAs Etch (Unaxis VLR)==

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