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Important Announcements


The field service engineer has finished with the alignments and the system is ready to use. // John d 14:27, 21 September 2022 (PDT)

E-Beam#2: Heater Down

EB2 Heated Processing is down // John d 15:40, 21 September 2022 (PDT)

Stepper#2 (AutoStep): UP

The maintenance tasks on the tool have been completed and the system is now available for use.

// John d 08:28, 28 September 2022 (PDT)

GCA 6300 Service: UP

Maintenance activities have been completed, and the system is ready for use.

// John d 15:43, 29 September 2022 (PDT)

MLA 150 Service & Software Revision

The MLA will be down beginning the evening of Monday October 3rd and should be back up sometime Friday October 7th. // L Sawyer 13:32, 31 August 2022 (PDT)

ASML Up; Network status

Nanofiles sync & JobCreator functionality is in the process of being restored. Batch_Reports are now syncing. JobCreator is working but local scripts are still being written + tested.

// John d 01:53, 17 September 2022 (PDT)