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[[image:DUV-System-Spectra.png|thumb|none|600px|DUV Exposure System Spectra]]
[[image:DUV-System-Spectra.png|thumb|none|600px|DUV Exposure System Spectra]]
== Documentation ==
* [https://signupmonkey.ece.ucsb.edu/wiki/images/2/27/DUV_Flood_Expose_SOP.pdf DUV Flood Expose Standard Operating Procedure]
*[https://signupmonkey.ece.ucsb.edu/wiki/images/2/27/DUV_Flood_Expose_SOP.pdf DUV Flood Expose Standard Operating Procedure]

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DUV Flood Expose
Tool Type Lithography
Location Bay 6
Supervisor Lee Sawyer
Supervisor Phone (805) 893-2123
Supervisor E-Mail lee_sawyer@ucsb.edu
Description 1000W Deep UV Flood Exposure System (LS-150X-10C2) and Illumination Controller (2130-C2)
Manufacturer Bachur & Associates/AB Manufacturing


This unit consists of a collimated deep ultraviolet (DUV) light source (mercury gas discharge short arc lamp) and power supply. The substrate is placed on a rotating chuck (not presently working) and is exposed by opening a timer-controlled shutter.

Materials that are exposed are primarily spun-on thin films such as PMMA, PMGI, etc.

Detailed Specifications

  • DUV wavelengths are 200-260 nm; the lamp power is limited to 1000 watts and can operate in either constant intensity or constant power mode
  • The full spectrum of Hg emission wavelengths from 200-450 nm is present on the sample
  • Exposure can be performed on a 4" wafer
  • Lamps are nominally rated for 400 hours
  • A reset timer was added in Feb. 1995 to limit "on" time (ie. provide for auto shut-off) for bulb life conservation

Spectra Images

DUV Exposure System Spectra

DUV Exposure System Spectra