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Process Control Data are standardized process, run by staff, allowing for day-to-day or year-by-year comparisons of a tool's performance. This is similar (but not identical to) Statistical Process Control.

These are the same links found on individual tool pages, in the Recipes > <<tool page>> > Process Control section.

Deposition (Process Control Data)

Process Control data for various deposition tools in the lab.

PECVD #1 (PlasmaTherm 790)

PECVD #2 (Advanced Vacuum)

ICP-PECVD (Unaxis VLR Dep)

Ion Beam Sputter Deposition (Veeco Nexus)

Old Data (Pre 2022)

Old data in a different format can be found below:

Etching (Process Control Data)

Process Control data for various dry etching tools in the lab.

PlasmaTherm SLR Fluorine Etcher

OLD Process Control Data

Panasonic ICP #1

Old Process Control Data

Panasonic ICP#2

Old Process Control Data

Unaxis VLR Etch

Oxford PlasmaPro Cobra Etcher

Calibration / Process testing data taken using the "InP Ridge Etch" process: Cl2/CH4/H2 @ 60°C, 1cm piece with ~50% SiO2 hardmask.

Old Process Control Data

Lithography (Process Control Data)

Process Control Data for Nanofab Lithography/patterning tools.

Stepper #3 (ASML DUV)

ASML CD Calibration data - Screenshot of Table
Example of Data Table with SEM's of 320nm features. Click for full data table.
ASML CD Calibration Data - Screenshot of SPC Plot
Example SPC Chart - Measured Critical Dimension "CD" versus Date. Click for charts.