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Lab Users are responsible for understanding the dangers and safety of the chemicals they use! You must take the time to look at the Material Safety Datasheets for the chemicals you are exposed to.

If you would like to know if you can bring a new chemical into the cleanroom, please contact The Lab Director.

Inventory List

All chemicals that are kept stocked by the NanoFab can be found on the following spreadhseet:

Photolithography Chemicals

Datasheets can be found on the following page:

Material Safety Datasheets

You are responsible for reviewing the safety sheets of chemicals you use! You can also use this list to see if a chemical has previously been allowed into the lab.

Material Safety Datasheets (MSDS) for all chemicals that have been present in the lab can be found on the following link. (Some are stocked by us, some brought in by users, with our permission).

We recommend using your web browser's "Find" (Ctrl-F or ⌘-F) function to locate the desired chemicals. Search for "acid" or "acetone", for example.