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Research Groups

To find the most up-to-date publications and a history of research, please see the group websites below

Nanoelectronics Research Lab, PI Prof. Kaustav Banerjee

Optical Communications and Photonic Integration Group, PI Prof. Daniel Blumenthal

Quantum optics and quantum information group, UCSB Physics, PI Prof. Dirk Bouwmeester

Institute for Energy Efficiency, Director Prof. John Bowers

AIM Photonics - West Coast, Director Prof. John Bowers

Silicon Photonics Center, PI Prof. John Bowers

Solid State Lighting and Electronic Center, Director Prof. Steven DenBaars, Research Director Prof. Shuji Nakamura

Integrated Photonics Laboratory, PI Prof. Jonathan Klamkin

Mazin Laboratory, PI Prof. Ben Mazin

Quantum Photonics Laboratory, PI Prof. Galan Moody

High Speed Electronics Group, PI Prof. Mark Rodwell

Quantum Sensing and Imaging Group, PI Prof. Ania Jayich

Chris Palmstrom Group, PI Prof. Chris Palmstrom

Krishnamoorthy Research Group, PI Prof. Sriram Krishnamoorthy

Young Lab, PI Prof. Andrea Young

Schuller Lab, PI Prof. Jon Schuller

Schow Lab, PI Prof. Clint Schow

Pennathur Lab, PI Prof. Sumita Pennathur

Stemmer Research Group, PI Prof. Susanne Stemmer

Strukov Research Group, PI Prof. Dmitri Strukov

Gordon Lab, PI Prof. Mike Gordon

Publication Lists

Select Publications

  • A selection of recent and relevant publications that utilized the UCSB NanoFab.
  • To see more complete publication lists, please visit group websites linked above

2018 Publications

Earlier Publications

Research Presentations



THz Physics