E-Beam 5 (Plasys)

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E-Beam 5 (Plasys)
Location Bay 3
Tool Type Vacuum Deposition
Manufacturer Plasys Inc.
Description Single-wafer motorized evaporator

Primary Supervisor Michael Barreraz
(805) 893-4147

Secondary Supervisor

Don Freeborn

Recipes Vacuum Deposition Recipes

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The Plasys is a single-wafer load evaporator with programmable wafer angle, wafer rotation, ion-mill pre-cleaning and oxygen flow capabilities, in situ while keeping the wafer under vaccuum.

Only Aluminum is currently installed.

The system is currently dedicated only to specific use-cases such as superconducting aluminum evap.

Materials and Recipes allowed are tightly controlled. Please contact the supervisor to find out if your application is allowed on this machine.

Detailed Specifications

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