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*[https://wiki.nanotech.ucsb.edu/wiki/images/0/0b/YES_SOP_Rev_B.pdf YES Plasma Strip System Standard Operating Procedure]
*[https://wiki.nanotech.ucsb.edu/w/images/f/f8/YES_SOP_Rev_C.pdf YES Plasma Strip System Standard Operating Procedure]

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Plasma Clean (YES EcoClean)
IMG 5385.JPG
Tool Type Dry Etch
Location Bay 5
Supervisor Lee Sawyer
Supervisor Phone (805) 893-2123
Supervisor E-Mail lee_sawyer@ucsb.edu
Description EcoClean Asher
Manufacturer YES
Dry Etch Recipes


The YES EcoClean system is an ICP downstream asher used for the removal of resist and other organic. 4" wafers are cassette loaded or smaller samples are loaded onto 4" carriers into the system. Samples can be heated from ~120C to 200C by controlling the sample height via the lift pins during process, while being exposed to ICP-cracked oxygen to remove organic materials. The excitation of the oxygen is done remotely and a baffle keeps ions from reaching the surface. Radicals diffuse and are scattered across the wafer surface for efficient cleaning and PR removal without any ion damage. Resist etch rates of multiple microns per minute can be achieved. See the process pages below for etch recipes for various resist removal recipes.

Recipe Pages

YES EcoClean Manufacturer Page