UV Ozone Reactor

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UV Ozone Reactor
Location Bay 5
Tool Type Dry Etch
Manufacturer Jelight
Model 144AX
Description UV Ozone Cleaner

Primary Supervisor Lee Sawyer
(805) 893-2123

Secondary Supervisor

Tony Bosch

Recipes Dry Etch RecipesN/A


UV+O (atomic oxygen) cleaning method is a photosensitized oxidation process in which the contaminant molecules of photo-resists, resins, human skin oils, cleaning solvent residues, silicone oils, and flux are excited and/or dissociated by the absorption of short-wavelength UV radiation. Near atomically clean surfaces can be achieved in less than one minute. In addition, this process does not damage any sensitive device structures of MOS gate oxide. The system can be used for oxygen activation, etching or oxidation of a surface without ion bombardment.