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|type = Packaging
|type = Packaging
|super= Lee Sawyer
|super= Lee Sawyer
|super2= Aidan Hopkins
|location=Dicing Room: ESB 1147
|location=Dicing Room: ESB 1147
|description = ADT Dicing Saw
|description = ADT Dicing Saw

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Dicing Saw (ADT)
Location Dicing Room: ESB 1147
Tool Type Packaging
Manufacturer Advanced Dicing Technologies Ltd.
Model ADT 7100
Description ADT Dicing Saw

Primary Supervisor Lee Sawyer
(805) 893-2123

Secondary Supervisor

Aidan Hopkins

Recipes N/A

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The ADT 7100 Dicing Saw is optimized for multi-angle dicing of thin, tight tolerance products up to 200 mm x 200 mm. It is currently setup for dicing up to 8” diameter wafers. Check the Dicing Saw Recipes page for the blades we currently stock.

An ADT WM-966 tape applicator & Ultron Systems UH104-8 UV lamp system is used to apply UV-release tape for securing die during dicing.

Contact the tool supervisor for blades and dicing frames for your group.

Detailed Specifications

  • Maximum Wafer Size: 8"
  • Parts mounted to UV-release tape for cutting
  • Automated cut maps at multiple angles (0° and 90° typical)
  • ~few micron alignment to on-wafer features.
  • Thermocarbon Resnoid dicing blades provided by staff

Operating Procedures


Be sure to also see the recipes for protecting your sample from dicing dust, and mounting/unmounting.