Field Emission SEM 2 (JEOL IT800SHL)

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Field Emission SEM 2 (JEOL IT800SHL)
Tool Type Inspection, Test and Characterization
Location Bay 1
Supervisor Aidan Hopkins
Supervisor Phone (805) 893-2343
Supervisor E-Mail
Description JEOL 7600F FESEM
Manufacturer JEOL USA Inc
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The JEOL JSM-7600F FESEM is used for imaging a variety of samples made in the facility. For general specifications, see the link to the system above. Our system is equipped with a gentle-beam mode of operation where bias is put on the stage, allowing for high resolution imaging at low electron energies impinging the surface. This is especially useful for imaging low conductivity and insulating materials without the need for conductive layer coatings.

The system can accept a 4” wafer, but only 50mm (approx. 25x25mm) of the wafer is accessible with the stage movement. A retractable LABE detector is also installed for high resolution back-scattered electron imaging.