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This template contains Staff Contact Info (phone, email etc), which is inserted into all Tool pages.

How to edit Staff contact info

To edit the Supervisor info, you must edit this template in Edit Source mode.

Then find the #ifeq (if equals) line for the supervisor you want to edit, which looks like this for "Jack Whaley", for example:

{{#ifeq: {{{1}}}|Jack Whaley|{{StaffInfo_DJ|Jack Whaley|(805) 893-1234|nanofab@ece.ucsb.edu}} }}

You can see this lists the Supervisor's contact info (phone/email etc) that will be inserted. (The code is a bit of an eyesore because no newlines or spaces can be inserted between each supervisor's options.)

To add a new supervisor option, copy one of the sections, starting from the first pair of curly brackets {{ to the ending 4 brackets }} }}, add it to the list and edit the info as needed. Keep the list alphabetical by last name.


2022-06-26 (Demis): initial version, single-point entry for staff contact info