ASML 5500: Recovering from an Error

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  1. Do NOT exit Task Streaming!
    1. If you exit the Task Streaming screen, the batch will not be able to be aborted, usually requiring a software restart.
  2. If an "Abort Batch" Popup window appears:
    1. Click the "Help" button, and take photos of the error chain.
      1. See the Error Logs page for an example.
    2. Click the "Help" button again, and write down timestamp of error in logbook/take screenshot - this helps an engineer analyze the log file.
    3. Click either:
      1. "Abort Batch, Clear Stepper"
        1. This removes only wafers that are in the system and puts them in the Output Port/Cassette #2. You will need to keep track of which wafers were exposed and which were not.
        2. Unexposed wafers in Input Port/Cassette #1 will not be picked up.
      2. "Abort Batch, Clear Litho Cluster"
        1. This will send all your wafers through the stepper, from Port 1 → Port 2. Thus no wafers will be waiting for exposure. Even unexposed wafers in the Input port will be sent through the system until they are all loaded in the output port. Port 2.
    4. Wait for the task status to change from "Aborting" to "Aborted"
  3. Abort the Batch: Make sure all batches say "Aborted" or "Completed". If not, choose the task from the Task List, click Batch > "Abort". May need to also click Queue > Stop, and Queue > Clear.
  4. If wafers are left in the machine, try (MAT HDL) > Remove Wafers From Machine
  5. Make sure the reticle was unloaded: (MAT HDL) > Remove Reticles From Machine
    1. Make sure the System reticle "45440..." goes back into Box #1!
    2. UNCHECK "Unlock Boxes"

Your wafer(s) should be removed to Port #2, and the task should state "Aborted" on the task list. Only once no Tasks are trying to run is it safe to exit the Task Streaming screen.

Please make sure there are no tasks in the "Waiting" state - please abort/cancel these tasks before leaving the system, or the next user's wafers will be shot with your job! You can do Queue > Clear to be sure.