CC-PRIME OnBoarding 2022-08

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The tasks needed for attending CNSI's Technician Cleanroom Training class is below.

Contact Demis D. John & Rachel Schoeppner for questions.

Signing Up for Online Safety Review

The online safety review must be completed before arrival at the facility.
  1. Register at the CC-PRIME Portal
    1. Check the box for “Cleanroom Training Experience
  2. Watch the Fundamentals of Lab Safety online training.
    1. Fundamentals of Lab Safety (Three 15-min videos)
  3. Review safety docs for the CNSI Cleanroom:
    1. CNSI Cleanroom Video Training (10min)
    2. Policy, Guidelines and Chemical Hygiene Plan (10-15 min read)
  4. Take the safety Quiz:
    1. CNSI Cleanroom Safety Quiz (10 min)
    2. You need to score ≥80%
    3. You may retake the test as many times as needed.

Art Wafer Photo

  • Please email Demis & Rachel a photograph, out of which you will make your first art wafer!
  • Your photograph will be converted to black & white. Any regular photograph will work.

Liability Waiver

  • In the classroom, you'll be asked to Sign the Liability Waiver - you may read this waiver beforehand at this link:

Attire/Supplies for In-Person Cleanroom Access

There are some dress-requirements for accessing the cleanroom - both for safety and comfort. You will wear a full coverall "bunny suit" over your street clothes.

  • Closed toed shoes (No sandals, flip-flops etc)
  • Pants/trousers, no dresses (in order to cover with cleanroom gown)

  • Bring a refillable water bottle
  • Bring some snacks if desired
  • We will have a room in which to securely store backpacks etc.

Location & Parking

Univ. of California Santa Barbara campus

CNSI is in Elings Hall, on the north-east corner of campus, by Goleta Beach.

Park in Parking Lot #10:

Map showing Parking Lot 10 and CNSI Building

Google Maps: Parking Lot #10 at UCSB

Driving Directions:

If you enter UCSB campus from highway 217 by Goleta beach, take a right off the circle, and take your first left into parking lot #10.

If you're coming from the West, then follow Mesa road (between the airport and campus) all the way to the eastern side of campus, and take a right into Parking lot #10, just before the circle at Goleta beach.

PaCE Student Parking Permits

PaCE Visitors parking in Structure 10 can purchase parking passes from the permit dispensers in Structure 10.

Visitors must park in stalls labeled, "Coastal Access," which are on the first floor ramp once you enter the parking building. These passes are valid between 8:00am to 5:00pm and will cost around $8.

Exit the parking lot towards the bamboo garden at the bottom floor.

Walk Left to Elings Hall, directly adjacent on the North-West side of the parking lot. Meet at the entryway lounge with red chairs.

The classroom is on the 3rd floor, in room 3001.