CDE ResMap Quick-Start instructions

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  1. Depending on the program you run, your sample location may be different.
    1. In general, programs for full 4-inch wafers require the wafer to be centered on the stage.
    2. Wafer flat should face the white sticker on the stage.
    3. Programs for Quarter wafers will measure opposite the white stick. See image below.
    4. You can always load a 6" wafer (eg. from teh discarded ICP carriers) and run a program to see where it is going to measure.
Measurement locations for Full- and Quarter-Wafer programs
Full Wafer centered on stage
Quarter Wafer recipe measurement location

Quick Measurement Procedure

  1. Select Operator > Run Recipe
  2. Choose a recipe in "UCSB Users"
    1. Filename indicates whether it will measure a Full or quarter wafer, number of points, wafer diameter etc.
  3. Choose a "Filename" for your data. Enable "Auto Plot" to show a contour plot.
  4. [Run] to perform the scan.
    1. You can Abort the scan by pressing Any key, and click [Abort] at the top.
  5. Sheet resistance of every measured point is shown on the next screen.
    1. "Rs" is sheet resistance, "RsAvg" is Average of all measured points.