COVID-19 User Policies

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The lab is open to all users at this time! 
Contact the Lab Director to request access.


  • The facility is following general campus policies.

Current Campus Policies and Updates

Please use the link below to review current campus COVID policies.

NanoFab Policies (Historical)

  • Masks Optional as of June 13th
You are not required to wear a mask in UC buildings at this time. You are also not required to wear a mask in the Nanofab if desired.
We will provide masks at the metal table in front of the cleanroom entry.
See the full announcement at this link.
Masks (KN95, Surgical) are provided on-site.
  • Full NanoFab COVID-19 Protocols - Last Updated 2022-03-21
    • Contains all additional detailed procedures users must follow, including:
    • Late night use
    • Masking requirements
    • Signed Attestation requirement
    • Precious Metals Refill

UCSB Policies & Documents

UCSB Wellness Survey

Every day at 3am you will recieve an email with the UCSB Wellness Survey. You must complete this survey before coming to campus later that day.

  • Enroll for the Survey
    • Contact the Lab Director if you have issues or need a login.
  • Check your email before leaving for campus and fill out the online survey.
    • You may only come to campus if you receive a "Clearance" positive response to the survey.
    • If you haven't yet recieved the new survey, you can use the old survey in the interim, here: Daily Wellness Assessment (old)

UCSB Flu Vaccination Mandate

UCSB Students, Staff and Faculty are required to get a Flu vaccine by Nov. 1st to work at a UCSB Facility.

UCSB Testing for Staff/Faculty/Students

Free weekly COVID testing is available to UCSB Staff, Faculty and Students. UCSB employees are strongly urged to sign up for weekly testing, which takes only minutes, is administered on-campus and is free of charge.

Weekly recurring appointments can be made as follows:

  • Log on to the UCSB Testing Patient Portal using your UCSB NetID and password.
  • Select “Appointments” and then select “COVID-19 Services.”
  • Select “I need to schedule my weekly COVID-19 testing” and answer the questions.
  • Select an available date and time and click “Continue.”
  • Confirm your appointment date and time and then click “Schedule.”
    • Note: You must click “Schedule” or your appointment will not be confirmed. Also, be sure to add the appointment time and location to your calendar.

The Chancellor's memo to campus with details can be found here.

Policy Updates

  • 2021-06-24: Elimination of most protocols (cleaning, face shields etc.). Masking for vaccinated individuals still required.
  • 2021-05-13: New policies in effect beginning Saturday May 15, 2021
  • 2020-11-05: We have installed two coat racks in the south side hallway for your use. Please put your jacket, sweater, or hat in the garment bag provided at the racks. The garment bags are long, and you will have to tear at the perforation to remove the bag from the roll. You can either tie the bag to the hanger or use a clip to make the attachment. Spray the bag and surrounding surfaces with 70% ISO once your bag is on the hanger and when you remove your bag from the hanger. You can take the garment bag home with you for re-use but please remember to wipe it down with 70% ISO when you return to ESB. Do not store anything on the upper and lower shelving.
  • 2020-10-13: UCSB now requires Flu vaccinations by Nov. 1st, for UCSB employees.
  • 2020-09-14: Bathrooms will be locked. Keys can be found on the self-entry cart. Please make sure the bathrooms lock when you are done.

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