Digital Microscope (Olympus DSX1000)

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Digital Microscope (Olympus DSX1000)
Location Bay 4
Tool Type Inspection, Test and Characterization
Manufacturer Olympus
Description Digital Optical Microscope

Primary Supervisor Tony Bosch
(805) 893-3486

Secondary Supervisor

Demis D. John

Recipes N/A


The Olympus DSX1000 is a high-resolution digital microscope with full electronic control, multiple imaging modes and sophisticated analysis software built-in.

The built-in optical magnification allows for high-resolution imaging without changing objectives. The system has applies Digital image stabilization and software image enhancement.

Users must be very careful to avoid crashing the 50x objective, because it does not rotate out of the way like our other microscopes.

Technique & Capabilities

Digital only (view through computer)

Optical Magnification ??

Objectives: 5x, 50x

Imaging Modes: Bright Field, Dark Field, DIC (Nomarski), Oblique Illumination (varying angle), Polarized Illumination (varying Pol.)

Top Reflected Illumination (Episcopic)

Camera Capture: ??? MP

Operating Procedures

Olympus DSX1000 Quick Start.pdf

Offline software

Olympus Stream Desktop Offline Software (TEMP)

Other Info

Equip > Characterization > Microscopes - see a list of all our microscopes