Logitech WBS7 - Procedure for Wax Mounting with Spin-On Crystalbond

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Work In Progress

This article is still under construction. It may contain factual errors. Content is subject to change.

Draft only - in progress. Based on Don Freeborn's procedure for the Logitech Bonder. -- Demis 2018-10-16
  • Mix a fresh squirt bottle of CrystalBond diluted with Acetone (see Don Freeborn for method).
    • XYZ grams of crystalbond, mixed into
    • XYZ mL of Acetone, in dedicated squirt bottle
    • Shake/stir to completely dissolve the wax
  • Place 4-inch silicon carrier wafer on POLOS spinner in solvent bench, with non-vacuum 4-inch chuck installed.
  • Set up POLOS recipe
    • Spin at XYZ rpm for XYZ sec.
  • Squirt wax solution onto wafer
  • I/O to spin.
  • Place carrier wafer on Logitech bonder surface
  • Place sample to be bonded on top
  • Place 110mm chemical filter paper on top
  • Close lid, secure lid clamp
  • Run recipe:
    • XYZ °C
    • XYZ seconds
    • Vacuum etc.?