Photomask Ordering Procedure for UCSB Users

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  • Decide on photomask "grade" from photomask vendor quote, and determine price.
    • Ask Demis/Brian for recent ACADEMIC quotes. These are not to be shared with non-academic, non-UCSB users.
    • The "grade" or "item number" will include mask size/material, minimum feature size resolution etc.
  • In Procurement Gateway, submit a "non-catalogue item" requisition for the appropriate photomask vendor, with quote number, $$ value from the quote, and approx. Item name (eg. "5090SL grade A mask plate" or whatever the quote says) entered.
  • Wait until the Gateway purchase is approved - you can prepare the order form in the mean time.
  • When it is approved, enter the new PO number from that Gateway Requisition into the Mask Order form document.
  • Email Mask Order Form and CAD file to photomask vendor as per vendor instructions (typically on the quote).