Plasma Activation (EVG 810)

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Plasma Activation (EVG 810)
Location Bay 7
Tool Type Dry Etch
Manufacturer EVG Group
Description Plasma Surface Activation

Primary Supervisor Lee Sawyer
(805) 893-2123

Secondary Supervisor

Aidan Hopkins

Recipes Dry Etch RecipesN/A

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This a capacitively coupled Oxygen plasma activation system used exclusively for the surface activation of clean surfaces prior to wafer bonding. This technique allows bonding temperatures to be lowered and is used as a companion tool to the Karl-Suss SB6 wafer bond tool.

Detailed Specifications

  • Gases used: O2 and N2
  • Sample size: pieces to 6” wafer
  • Recipes characterized for substrate thicknesses between 250um and 750um. Thicknesses outside of this range need to have parameters optimized to minimize reflective power.



Please see the Oxygen Plasma Recipe page for standard EVG recipes.