SEM Sample Coater (Hummer)

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SEM Sample Coater (Hummer)
Location Bay 1
Tool Type Inspection, Test and Characterization
Manufacturer Hummer

Primary Supervisor Michael Barreraz
(805) 893-4147

Secondary Supervisor

Tony Bosch

Recipes N/A


This system is for coating Pd/Au thin layers onto samples that will charge during FESEM inspection.

When to use

If you tried SEM'ing a sample, and the sample appears to drift/move during imaging/capture, or astigmatism is constantly changing, then your sample may be charging up and deflecting the electron beams. This is common for imaging insulators such as substrates made of glass (SiO2), or substrates coated in glass (SiO2, SiN) or thick photoresist (≥1µm). Thin layers (<<1µm) on top of conductive substrates (eg. 200nm SiO2 on Silicon substrate) can often allow electron beams and fields to penetrate to the conductor, possibly not requiring AuPd coating.

Operating Procedures

SEM Sample Coater (Hummer) Instructions