Sputter 2 (SFI Endeavor)

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This Tool has been Disabled, and is not available for use any more! These recipes are displayed here for historical/reference purposes only.
Sputter 2 (SFI Endeavor)
Tool Type Vacuum Deposition
Location Bay 1
Supervisor Brian Lingg
Supervisor Phone (805) 893-8145
Supervisor E-Mail lingg_b@ucsb.edu
Description 3 chamber Cluster Sputter
Manufacturer Endeavor
Vacuum Deposition Recipes
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This is a three chamber cluster tool for DC and AC reactive sputtering of metals and dielectrics from 8” cylindrical or 2-piece (for AC) targets. The chamber is configured for 4” diameter wafers or equivalently sized plates that can secure smaller piece samples. Samples are loaded into a cassette system capable of holding 20 wafers. The system is computer controlled through a GUI. Heating of the substrate to several hundred degrees Celcius is possible through a heating lamp module. Chamber 1 is set up for AC reactive sputtering of Al, Al2O3, AlN, SiO2, or SiN. Chamber 2 is set up for DC reactive sputtering of Ti, W, TiN, TiO2, and W-based oxides. Chamber 3 is set up for Al or Au metal sputtering and has RF back-sputtering capability on the sample for sample cleaning prior to deposition.

Detailed Specifications

  • Multiple 4” diameter wafer capable system
  • Pieces possible through appropriate carrier design
  • Full programmable control through GUI
  • Heating of substrate to several hundred degrees Celcius
  • Chamber 1: AC sputtering of Si, SiN, SiO2, AlN, Al2O3 films
    • AlN rate ~ 4.5 nm/min.
    • Al2O3 ~ 6 nm/min.
    • SiO2 rate ~ 4.5 nm/min.
  • Chamber 2: DC sputtering of Ti, TiN, TiO2, W, and W-oxides
    • Ti rate ~ 200 nm/min.
  • Chamber 3: DC sputtering of Al or Au. RF back-sputtering with Argon
    • Al Dep rate ~ 300-400 nm/min.