Sputter 3 (AJA ATC 2000-F)

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Sputter 3 (AJA ATC 2000-F)
Location Bay 3
Tool Type Vacuum Deposition
Manufacturer AJA
Description Six-Target DC/RF Magnetron Sputtering System

Primary Supervisor Tony Bosch
(805) 893-3486

Secondary Supervisor

Lee Sawyer

Recipes Vacuum Deposition Recipes

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The Six-Target DC/RF Sputtering System, built by AJA International uses planar magnetron sources. The sources are contained in tiltable sputter gun modules that allow for maintaining uniformity control at various sample heights. Cross contamination between sources is minimized by using a chimney configuration with very narrow source shutter gaps. Uniformity is better than 2% over 90mm.

2 DC sources and 2 RF sources allow for co-deposition of materials, including dedicated magnetic films Fe, Ni, and Co.

Other materials, such as ITO, Si, Al, Zr, etc. can be reactively RF sputtered in an O2 or N2 environment to produce metal-oxides or nitrides. Argon is used for the sputter gas, with N2 and O2 used for reactive sputtering.

The deposition chamber is loadlocked providing for fast substrate transfer and consistent, low base pressure. Venting and evacuation are automated with a 1200 l/s turbo (capable of pumping O2) achieving an ~ 4.0 E-8 T ultimate pressure. A VAT adaptive pressure control valve is used for process pressure control independent of gas flow. Substrates are clip mounted onto 4 inch carriers. Flow rates are controlled with standard mass flow controllers.

Gun power supplies include: 500W DC, 13.56 Mhz 300W RF, and a 50W substrate RF supply for in-situ substrate biasing and pre-cleaning. Samples can be heated to 650°C. The system is recipe driven and computer controlled for reproducible results.

Detailed Specifications

  • 6 target with DC or RF operation
  • Reactive sputtering with N2 or O2 using RF or DC
  • Co-deposition of up to four materials: 2 DC and 2 RF
  • Magnetic Material Deposition: Fe, Ni, Co
  • SiO2, SiN, ITO, AlN, Al2O3 and other metal-oxide/nitrides possible
  • Low E-8T ultimate pressure (3 mT typical operating pressure), load-locked chamber
  • 4" diameter sample holder
  • Gun Tilt, Sample height and rotation adjustments
  • Deposition uniformity is ~ 1-2% over 4 " diameter
  • Up to 650°C dep temperature
  • RF Biasing of sample during deposition or as a pre-deposition clean
  • The Sputter #3 SignupMonkey page lists the currently installed sputter targets.


Online Training Video

    • AJA Sputter System Training
    • Important: This video is for reference only, and does not give you authorization to use the tool. You must be officially authorized by the supervisor before using this machine.

Materials Table

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