Tube Furnace (Tystar 8300)

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Tube Furnace (Tystar 8300)
Tool Type Thermal Processing
Location Bay 4
Supervisor Tony Bosch
Supervisor Phone (805) 893-3486
Supervisor E-Mail
Description Tystar 8" 3-Tube Oxidation/Annealing System
Manufacturer Tystar Corporation
Model Tystar 8300
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The three stack Tystar 8” furnace is used primarily for 3 processes. The processes are dedicated for specific tubes as follows:

  • Tube #1: SOG curing & low-temp oxidation
  • Tubes #2 and #3: Dry or wet oxidation of silicon (unprocessed, clean)
  • Tube #3: General furnace annealing & oxidation, including processed material

Each process tube can accomodate up to one hundred 8” wafers per cycle. We have boats for 2", 3", 4", 6", 8" and irregular shaped pieces. The maximum temperature is 1100°C for the system. Gases used are O2, Steam from DI-H2O, N2.

Process Information

Recipe Characterization Data, such as thermal oxidation times, can be found on the recipe page:

Use the BYU or Stanford Leland Jr. Thermal Oxidation Calculators to determine the time and temperature that will be necessary for your process needs. You can "calibrate" your oxidations to the Stanford calculator by adjusting the Partial Pressure on the calculator to match your experimental data.

Keep in mind that all process must be 30 minutes in length at a minimum. Processes less than 30 minutes will suffer from poor uniformity because the process tube will not have sufficient time to saturate with O2 or DI-H2O.

Gases Available

  • N2 (15/5 slpm)
  • O2 High-range "O2HI" - 15 slpm
  • O2 Low-range "O2LO" - 1 slpm
  • All gasses flow through the H2O bubbler, which can optionally be filled with heated water to flow steam, or evacuated (no steam, gas only).


The following are the available recipes on each furnace tube:

Tube 1:

  • SOG425.001 - Spin-On Glass Cure
  • ALGAAS.001 - Oxidation of AlGaAs

Tube 2:

  • WET1050.002 - WetOx at 1050°C
  • DRY1050.002 - DryOx at 1050°C
  • WETVAR.002 - WetOx, variable temp.
  • DRYVAR.002 - DryOx, variable temp.

Tube 3:

  • WET1050.003 - WetOx at 1050°C
  • DRY1050.003 - DryOx at 1050°C
  • WETVAR.003 - WetOx, variable temp.
  • DRYVAR.003 - DryOx, variable temp.
  • ANNEAL.003 - Anneal with variable time and temperature

Oxidation Rates & Data

See the above recipes page for data on oxidation rates for standard oxidation recipes.

Useful Information

Tystar Wafer Boat Drawing - 4" Wafer with 0.5mm Slots

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