Biljana Stamenic

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Biljana Stamenic
Position Senior Development Engineer
Room Number 1109F
Phone 805-893-4002


Biljana is a senior development engineer for the Nanofab facility. Biljana got a MS degree at University of Belgrade, School of Technology and Metallurgy, Serbia. The major was in Material Science, followed by MS in new materials. She worked on projects that were founded by the government. Biljana is also experienced a high school teacher. Biljana has been working at Nanofab since 2006.

Current Work

Biljana's main focus is processing (fabrication jobs). This includes process development and work needed to successfully complete processing for primarily external and some internal users. Biljana is also working on process control management (process calibrations for films in PECVD#1, Advanced PECVD#2, and Unaxis) to establish statistical process control. Biljana is holding trainings on tools: GCA 6300 Stepper#1, Autostep 200 Stepper#2, MLA Heidelberg and Surfscan 6200. Biljana is available for help and support in any issue related to processing in the cleanroom.


Biljana Stamenic

is in charge of the following tools: