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See the Contact Page for who to contact for different requests.

Financial & Administrative

For questions regarding lab access or capabilities, please contact the Lab Director.

Name Title Phone E-mail
Brian Thibeault Technical/Operational Director (805) 893-2268
Claudia Gutierrez Financial Analyst (805) 893-7989
Vraj Mehalana IT/Systems Administrator (805)-893-4689

Facilities Group

General Nanofab facility management, operations, supplies inventory/stocking, plumbing, wet benches, house water/gas/waste collection etc., are handled by the Facilities Group. Facilities and supplies-related requests and requests should be directed to the appropriate person on the list, or to the group's Manager. See the Contact Page for info on who should be contacted for different requests.

Name Title Phone E-mail
Mike Day Facility Engineer (805) 893-3101
Peder Lenvik Facility Lead (805) 893-8145
Tom Reynolds Engineering Expert (805) 893-8158
Tino Sy Facility Staff (805) 893-4796
Luis Zuzunaga Facility Staff (805) 893-8258

Equipment Group

The equipment group manages, maintains and upgrades all fabrication tools and equipment, such as vacuum deposition, etchers, thermal processing etc.

For issues on a particular piece of equipment, please consult the FAQ for who to contact and how.

See the Contact Page for info on who should be contacted for different requests.

Name Title Phone E-mail
Tony Bosch Equipment Engineer (805) 893-3486
Don Freeborn Equipment Engineer (805) 893-7975
Aidan Hopkins Equipment Engineer (805) 893-2343
Lee Sawyer Equipment Engineer (805) 893-2123
Bill Millerski Equipment Engineer (805) 893-2655
Michael Barreraz Equipment Engineer (805) 893-4147
Mike Silva Operations Manager (805) 893-3096

Process Group

Mission: To ensure lab users are achieving the results they need.

The process group provides expertise on process development, fabrication techniques, recipe development, and some direct tool training and maintenance. The Process Group helps to ensure that equipment is providing the expected processing capabilities.

In addition, the group performs fabrication jobs for companies, universities and research groups, for on- and off-campus groups. Submit a job request here, or contact the group's Manager.

Name Title Phone E-mail
Foong Fatt Process Scientist (805) 893-2016
Demis D. John Process Scientist Manager (805) 893-5934
Bill Mitchell Process Expert (805) 893-4974
Dan Read Project Scientist (805) 893-3138
Biljana Stamenic Process Scientist (805) 893-4002