Tom Reynolds

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Tom Reynolds
Position Engineering Expert
Room Number 1109E
Phone 805-893-8158


Tom has a varied background of job experiences. He began in 1978 working in the construction industry installing asphalt and concrete. He has worked in the oil fields as a wireline operator maintaining gas lift wells. He is also a journeyman plumber.

He graduated from UCSB with a BS in Electrical Engineering in 1990. After graduation, he continued in a staff position at UCSB working in Professor John Bowers’ group. He helped start Terabit Technology with John Bowers and Aaron Hawkins in 1996 which was purchased by Ciena Corporation in 1998. At Ciena he was a Senior Engineer working on optical packaging, III/V semiconductor processing, and facility design and construction. The primary goal at the Goleta Ciena division was to build optical receivers using a novel fused APD developed at UCSB.

In 2002, the Goleta Ciena division was sold to new investors and became VTR Corporation. He became the Operations Manager and continued producing optical receivers and began development on optical transceivers using VCSEL sources.

He returned part time to UCSB in 2005 as a Senior Development Engineer to finish the new facilities and install all the process equipment into the current Engineering Science Building Nanofab.

In 2006 he began working part-time for Transphorm as a Facility Manager. Transphorm is a start-up company that produces GaN devices for high voltage power conversion applications. He was responsible for design/construction of all facility labs, cleanrooms, offices and equipment necessary for operation.

In 2012 he became the full time Lab Manager of the UCSB Nanofab facility. In 2018 he transitioned from Lab Manager to his current position as an Engineering Expert as he phases into retirement.

Co-author on over 30 technical papers, and one patent based on optical packaging.

Current Work

Tom is currently transitioning to retirement. He continues to offer assistance in the operations of the lab while working on new process equipment selection and installs. He is working on several lab projects at this time.