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Wiki Update

  1. First off, you will notice on some of the pages there are red boxes with "To Do:" followed by a message. These are messages to me and you about what needs to be checked/verified/fixed on a page.
  2. Lithography Recipes
    1. I placed the two "Lift-Off Technique" documents at the top of the Lithography Recipes page.
    2. After that, are the chemical datasheets. You will see them sorted as they are on the old website. Let me know how and where you would like these organized. One thing to note, on the old website there were some links that all went to same document. For example, AZ4110, AZ4210 and AZ4330 all linked to a document for "AZP4000". I have listed these three docs as "AZP4000 (AZ4110, AZ4210, AZ4330)".
  3. Contact Alignment Recipes
    1. I calculated the times for the MA-6 using the factor. If you can check that the times are valid that would be great.
    2. I wasn't certain if the comments translate from the MJB-3 to the MA-6. For this reason, I kept the comments but used the strike technique until they are verified by you.
  4. Stepper Recipes
    1. Again I calculated the exposure times for the AutoStep 200 using the formula. In this case, values that I calculated I put in bold to differentiate from the ones that had per-calculated exposure times. You will see a note on the page about this.
    2. Also again I used the strike technique to strike out the comments until you tell me that they are valid for the AutoStep200 as well.

Let me know if there is anything that needs fixing, changing or reformatting.

Thanks, Zack --Zwarburg 17:01, 9 November 2012 (UTC)