Wafer Cleaver (PELCO Flip-Scribe)

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Wafer Cleaver (PELCO Flip-Scribe)
Tool Type Packaging
Location ESB 1111
Supervisor Brian Thibeault
Supervisor Phone (805) 893-2268
Supervisor E-Mail thibeault@ece.ucsb.edu
Description Manual Cleaving
Manufacturer TedPella Inc.
Model PELCO Flip-Scribe


The Flip-Scribe is a manual scribe+break cleaving system, with a diamond tip that scribes along the underside of the part/wafer. The user manually drags the part across the diamond scribe, using the guides and stops to push the part in a controlled, straight line. Manual breaking tools are provided to perform the break after scribing.

Can scribe/break ~350µm thick sapphire wafers. Thicker/more difficult to cleave parts should be thinned down on the Allied Polisher before cleaving.

Detailed Specifications

  • Wafer/Parts Sizes: 4" down to ~10mm
  • Digital microscope w/ laptop for finer alignment
  • ~100µm alignment accuracy

Operating Procedures

  • Flipscribe SOP - To be added


Be sure to also see the recipes for protecting your sample from dicing dust on the Packaging Recipes page.