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*[https://wiki.nanotech.ucsb.edu/w/images/4/41/MA-6_SOP_Rev_D.pdf MA-6 Standard Operating Procedure, includes BSA]
*[https://wiki.nanotech.ucsb.edu/w/images/4/41/MA-6_SOP_Rev_D.pdf MA-6 Standard Operating Procedure, includes BSA]
*[https://signupmonkey.ece.ucsb.edu/wiki/images/7/75/MA-6_Exp_Mode_Visual_Aid.pdf MA-6 Exposure Mode Information]
*[https://signupmonkey.ece.ucsb.edu/wiki/images/7/75/MA-6_Exp_Mode_Visual_Aid.pdf MA-6 Exposure Mode Information]
*[https://wiki.nanotech.ucsb.edu/w/images/4/40/BA6_SOP_Rev_A.pdf BA-6 Standard Operating Procedure]
== Recipes ==
== Recipes ==

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Contact Aligner (SUSS MA-6)
Tool Type Lithography
Location Bay 7
Supervisor Lee Sawyer
Supervisor Phone (805) 893-2123
Supervisor E-Mail lee_sawyer@ucsb.edu
Description Mask Aligner/Bond Aligner (MA/BA-6)
Manufacturer Karl Suss America
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This system is a dual-use mask aligner and wafer-bond aligner. Mask alignment is used for contact and proximity exposure processes. Exposures can be performed with gaps programmable from 10 um to 300 um in 1 um increments. Automatic wedge error compensation (WEC) is used to ensure that the mask and wafer are parallel. Lithography can be performed on wafers from 2” to 6” in diameter. Piece parts are better handled on the MJB-3 aligners. An automated image capture system is used for back side alignment at 5x, 10x, or 20x magnification. The system is fitted with visible, bottom-side optics for back-side alignment capability. The lamp is a 350 W Hg-Arc lamp, providing significant power in the g-h-and i-line regime. Integrated light level sensing ensures proper exposure doses as the lamp degrades. Bond alignment can be performed on 3” to 6” wafers. The bond alignment is performed with special fixturing to allow aligned samples to be transferred to the Karl-Suss SB6 system.

Detailed Specifications

  • 350 W Hg arc lamp, broadband exposure with Suss UV400 Optics (350 - 450 nm)
  • Resolution (per Manufacturer*):
    • Vacuum Contact: <0.8 µm
    • Hard Contact: <1.5 µm
    • Soft Contact: <2.5 µm
    • Proximity (@ 20 µm): <3.0µm

* Resolution achieved on 150 mm Si-wafer with 1.2 µm thick AZ 4110

  • Topside alignment accuracy: down to 0.5 µm
  • Backside alignment accuracy: down to 1 µm
  • Automatic Light Intensity Drift Compensation:
    • Channel 1 is calibrated to 9 mW/cm² at 365 nm
    • Channel 2 is calibrated to 15 mW/cm² at 405 nm
  • Programmable exposure gaps of 10-300 um in 1 um steps
  • Stored video imaging for precise, repeatable alignment
  • Visible Back-Side Alignment System
  • Lithography for 2” to 6” diameter wafers - 6 mm maximum thickness
  • Pieces down to 5 x 5 mm - Please be aware of the stage movement range: X ± 10mm, Y ± 5 mm
  • Bond alignment for 3” to 6” wafers, integrates with SB6 bond
  • Other wafer sizes can be discussed with staff



  • Recipes > Lithography > Suss MA6
    • Also lists the exposure powers.