PECVD Recipes

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PECVD 1 (PlasmaTherm 790)

Note: Software upgrade performed on 2018-10-10. Note any changes in film.

SiN deposition (PECVD #1)

SiO2 deposition (PECVD #1)

OTHER recipes: Low-Stress (LS) SiN and SiOxNy deposition (PECVD #1)

PECVD 2 (Advanced Vacuum)

SiO2 deposition (PECVD #2)

SiN deposition (PECVD #2)

Low-Stress SiN deposition (PECVD #2)

Low-Stress SilIcon Nitride (< 100 MPa)

Amorphous-Si deposition (PECVD #2)


SiN deposition (Unaxis VLR)

SiO2 deposition (Unaxis VLR)