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News from the U.C. Santa Barbara Nanofabrication Facility

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New Deep Silicon Etcher Online

New Plasma-Therm Versaline DSE III DRIE etcher is qualified for bosch etch and single-step etches, and is available for use. The new tool features much higher silicon etch rates, improved uniformity, and allows for photoresist up to the edges of the wafer. -- Demis (talk) 22:16, 27 November 2017 (PST)

2016 Survey Results

See the May 2016 User Survey Results: Survey Results -- Brian Thibeault 12:00, 01 May 2016

CAIBE Ion Mill Available

The CAIBE (Oxford Ion Mill) is up and running! Contact Brian Lingg for more information. -- Brian Thibeault 12:00, 01 July 2015

NanoFiles SFTP Online

Files generated with Nanofab tools (SEM images, AFM profiles, etc.) are now available on the nanofab SFTP server. Please check SignupMonkey for details. -- Brian Thibeault 12:00, 07 July 2013