Troubleshooting and Recovery

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What to do in case of computer (monitor) freeze-up.

Reboot – When terminal keyboard ( main keyboard- add photo) locks up, etc.

1. If the terminal keyboard (main keyboard) is not responding, first make sure the NO SCRL key was not pressed on the keyboard (add photo). This gives the appearance that the keyboard is locked up but the screen has just been paused.

2. On the terminal keyboard (main keyboard) press type Ctrl + ]     (Press Ctrl first then ]  )                     

This exits the terminal and returns control to the MOP PC(#1).- add photo

3. Pullout the PC keyboard (upper keyboard, add photo) and press button Scroll Lock twice. This toggles the KVM switch from the Smart Set PC (#2) to the MOP PC (#1).

4. Using the mouse (next to upper keyboard) , select ALT + X to exit (bottom off the screen). You can also type ALT + X on the keyboard. A window will open (on the top monitor, add photo) asking to power down the Stepper, click OK. The PC will exit to DOS.

5. At this point you can either restart the software from DOS or turn the MOP PC (#1) off and on (add photo). To restart from DOS, enter stepper at the DOS prompt.

6. The main menu for the MOP PC (#1) should appear on the top monitor once the software/PC boots up. Pullout the PC keyboard (upper keyboard) and using the mouse, select Operate Stepper -> Start. Put the keyboard away.

7. At the prompt on the lower monitor, using the main keyboard, enter the time and date as specified (10:25 19-NOV-02). Press Enter ( the return key)

8. LOG IN [10,1], type ORIG . The stage will find its origin and then go back to the load position


What to do if the local alignment or wafer exposure mapping hangs up on the upper monitor.

1) Reset lower Advent computer (#2)- add photo and wait for reboot.

What to do in case of unplanned power outage.

1) CR Staff will take care of the system in the morning.

Errors job related

What to do for alignment error.

1) Verify that correct alignment key offset is being used

2) Verify that the mask is aligned

3) Verify that the baseline is correct (check values in MODE against the last calibration in the calibration notebook)

4) If you have DFAS alignment marks, perform a MAP job to verify alignment.

What to do for focus resolution problems.

1) Verify system focus using the MODE command

2) Perform a focus optimization job (using command EXPO job name). Use F- to vary focus, enter exposure time. You need to enter the increment step. Use one of your jobs that is already written. Use the same type of wafer that you will be using for your real job (substrate type, and thickness). If you need to optimize both (exposure time and focus), you will use the same command EXPO job name, and will enter starting exposure time, and focus, and increment step for both.

3) Verify that your wafer is not bowed (i.e. under stress from some process)

What to do in case of mask vacuum problem.

1) Check that small pump is running in back of system. Make sure vacuum level is above 20” Hg.

2) Push foot down onto mask with hand so that the vacuum holds the mask.

What to do in case of focus getting stuck and system hanging up.

1) Adjust manual focus knob so that a negative number appears on voltmeter ( add photo).

2) Note die on computer screen that was exposed. Abort using Ctrl-C followed by A. Edit the program and drop out the problem die. If you have exposed some die already, you may want to drop them out too for the second run.

What to do in case of the stage limit going too far (red stage limit light will be lit inside the stepper chamber next to the joystick.

1) Press the lit limit switch to release the stage.

Reporting the error/issue

Who to call if you cannot undo the problem or need some help with Stepper

1) Biljana Stamenic ( if it is related to the job or stepper use)

2) Lee Sawyer (if there is the issue with the tool, something not working/broken)

2) Mike Silva (if neither Lee or Biljana can be reached)

3) NOTE: Leave a note that stepper is down. E-mail to report a problem.