Automated Wafer Cleaver (Loomis LSD-155LT)

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Automated Wafer Cleaver (Loomis LSD-155LT)
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Location Backend Lab: ESB 1111
Tool Type Packaging
Manufacturer Loomis Industries Inc.
Model LSD-155LT
Description Loomis Automated Wafer Cleaver

Primary Supervisor Aidan Hopkins
(805) 893-2343

Materials III-V's, thin Silicon
Recipes N/A


The Loomis LSD-155Lt is a production scribe and break system that can be used for processing large grids, arrays of laser bars, cleaving high quality mirror facets, and dicing wafers.

Detailed Specifications

  • Maximum Wafer Size: 4"
  • Parts mounted to low tack tape and used in conjunction with 6" plastic rings.
  • Automated cut maps at multiple angles (0° and 90° typical)
  • ~few micron alignment to on-wafer features.
  • Multiple scribe and cleave options including 'scribe and break', 'notch and cleave', and 'peck and cleave'.
  • Users should try and follow the 3 to 1 ratio (distance between cleaves should be 3X the thickness of the substrate) although some material like InP and GaAs can occasionally be cleaved closer to 2 to 1.

Operating Procedures