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Brian Thibeault
Position Technical/Operational Director
Room Number 1109D
Phone (805) 893-2268


Brian received his Ph.D from UCSB in 1997 working on MBE growth, design, fabrication, and testing of GaAs-based oxide-apertured VCSELs under Prof. Larry Coldren. Afterwards, he helped start WideGap Technology, LLC, which became Nitres, Inc., which was purchased by CREE in June of 2000. There he was a key member of the technical staff and PI for projects in GaN-based high power and white LEDs and RF Power HEMTs. He came back to UCSB in December 2000 as the lead technical staff for the UCSB Nanofabrication Facility. In May 2018, he assumed the role of Techincal/Operational Director of the facility. He is co-author on over 150 publications/conference articles and listed as co-inventor on 14 patents.

Current Work

Brian is the Technical and Operational Director of the facility. Contact Brian to find out about getting lab access.


Brian Thibeault is in charge of the following tools: