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Demis D. John
Position Process Scientist Manager
Room Number 1109D
Phone (805) 893-5934

Contact If...

  • You are interested in fabrication services performed by NanoFab Staff
  • You need immediate help with one of the Tools listed below
  • You have a question about the capabilities or usage of a Tool listed below
  • You have a question about your fabrication process, or are designing a new fabrication process
  • You want help solving some fabrication problem or interpreting fabrication data
  • To report an issue with the computer network, Nanofiles SFTP, or Nanotech websites.


animation UCSB Engineering - Photonics

Demis John graduated with his Ph.D. in 2012 from the research group of Dr. Daniel J. Blumenthal at UCSB. He worked on creating ultra-low-loss optical waveguides, in close collaboration with the John E. Bowers research group, involving a great deal of materials analysis and fabrication along with optoelectronic simulation. From 2012 to 2017, Demis worked at Praevium Research Inc. where he developed near-infrared and mid-infrared tunable semiconductor lasers for medical imaging and gas spectroscopy, respectively. Combined, Demis has been using the Nanofab since 2006.

Current Work

Demis is the manager of the Process Group, and is knowledgeable in fabrication techniques and troubleshooting processing issues, along with materials characterization techniques and developing new repeatable procedures for fabricating devices. Users are encouraged to ask Demis for help regarding fabrication.

In addition, Demis is managing all "remote fabrication jobs" for external customers, and assigns these customer jobs and internal processing tasks to the Process Group Staff. External users should contact Demis for inquiries regarding high-resolution lithography & experimental processing tasks.

Demis also deals with the majority of Website & Server work along with some computer management work.

Lastly, he is paying attention to usability and user needs in the NanoFab (including websites, procedures etc.), so please notify him of any comments or concerns.


Demis D. John is the supervisor for the following tools:

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