Aidan Hopkins

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Aidan Hopkins
Position Facility Staff Manager
Room Number 1109B
Phone (805) 893-2343
Cell (805) 450-2890


Aidan moved to Santa Barbara in 2000 to attend college at UCSB. During his junior year Aidan was hired part time to help out with the Engineering II cleanroom. Over the next year and half Aidan helped with the transition of moving the cleanroom to the Engineering Science Building. Once he graduated in 2005, Aidan was hired on full time as an Assistant Development Engineer. Aidan gained valuable experience supporting the lab on both the equipment and facility side and in 2012 he became a Senior Development Engineer. In 2017 Aidan became the Facility Staff Manager. Aidan transitioned back to a Senior Development Engineer in 2022.

Current Work

Aidan is a Senior Development Engineer.


Aidan Hopkins is in charge of the following tools: